When Life Gives You Snow….

The entrance to our yard. The snow’s so tall we’re considering tunneling to other locations.

Like lots and lots of snow—like over 75 inches of it—it’s difficult to look on the bright side. The city of Boston is struggling to keep moving, the venerable T is falling to pieces, and my small town seems to think it’s cool to dump a whole street’s worth of snow in our driveway.

Speaking of tunnels, we essentially have created one at the end of our driveway simply so we can leave the house.
Speaking of tunnels, we essentially have created one at the end of our driveway simply so we can leave the house.

So what’s a gal to do when nature provides a little more snow than is, strictly speaking, necessary? Since lemonade seems a tad too tropical under the circumstances, what are we left with? Snow cones? Ice pops? In an attempt to look on the bright side, I’ve been brainstorming ideas.

  1. It provides a great cardio-vascular work out. Sure, the gym is probably closed. And even if it it’s open, you can’t get to it. The good news is that a hearty work out is just outside your door. Break out that shovel and get your exercise. Bonus: Shoveling also allows you to leave your home and potentially reach the gym. Someday.
  1. It gives the kids an extended February vacation. Clearly not every part of this fair country has such a vacation, but here in good old Massachusetts—where February is kind of a bear—kids get a week off. And it’s coming next week. The children of eastern Massachusetts will be so rested after the snow days and vacation week that they’ll be chomping at the bit to learn, learn, learn when they get back to school.
  1. It’s pretty. I mean, the whole winter wonderland thing. It’s still kind of pretty. Sort of. Kind of. Isn’t it?

Okay, so maybe the snow is a bust. We’ve gotten more in the last 17 days that we have since 1920. And it just keeps coming. We’re scheduled to get another foot of it this weekend. So stay warm—and if you have any thoughts on how to make lemonade (because, in the end, it is a refreshing beverage after hours of shoveling) from insistent, snow-driven lemons, I’m all ears.

Even with the snow drifting away from it, the swingset is slowly being buried.
Even with the snow drifting away from it, the swingset is slowly getting buried.

Five Awesome Things to Chase Away Snowstorm Blues

There are places in the world, of course, where it’s warm and sunny and gorgeous out. Sadly, where I live isn’t one of those places. After being assured by meteorologists all over the greater Boston area that we were going to have a “mostly rain event” with possibly 1-3 inches of snow, we’ve been bombarded by snow.

Normally this doesn’t bother me, but in March, when our crocuses were just peeking out and green things were arriving at our doorstep, another round of snow is just plain depressing.

So, here are some cool things one can do to chase away snowstorm blues (or just to check out if you have a little downtime in your warm, sunny locale.

  1. Make some healthy Thin Mints: Elana’s Kitchen has concocted a version of the classic (and woefully addictive) cookies without a lick of white flour or refined sugar in them.
  2. Check out some excellent writing advice: On Writer Unboxed, Donald Maas puts forth the kind of questions every author should ask about her characters at some point. So simple that it should it obvious, and yet it’s not!
  3. Try out one of the 29 Ways to Stay Creative: Studio Mothers presents some good ideas to keep the creative juices flowing. I think I’ll read a page of the dictionary today. Seriously.
  4. Get inspired: Burmese journalists are gearing up to launch daily, censorship-free newspapers for the first time in decades. Long live free speech—there and everywhere.
  5. Make a St. Patrick’s Day fortune teller (or, less elegantly, a cootie catcher): Fill it with “lucky” fortunes for kids and adults.

Stay warm and have fun!