Gone About as Fer as I Can Go

This has been a very, very long week. Between work, family, and getting ready for my upcoming MFA residency, there hasn’t been much time to blog. Or to do much of anything else.

But now it’s Thursday night. Residency starts tomorrow. And tonight my brain takes a break from everything. I might watch a movie. I might sit on our porch and listen to the birds sing themselves to sleep. I might read, but only for fun. I’ve turned off for the night.

Because sometimes you can push yourself, and push yourself…and push yourself. Then, like Kansas City, you’ve simply “gone about as fer as you can go.”

Tomorrow, I dig back into residency preparations, and then get to see my friends and fellow students on campus and beyond. And I’m looking forward to that more than I can. But now, I’m on the couch, surrounded by pillows and my loves, taking it real easy!