The Trick is Not Minding


The first time I saw Lawrence of Arabia, I was at the now-defunct Charles Theatre, watching the re-release in all its glory on a giant screen. It was, quite literally, dazzling—a larger-than-life film on a larger-than-life screen, the desert stretching out endlessly in front of us, while Peter O’Toole almost glowed in his white robes.

It was, in many ways, the ultimate movie-going experience.

I was remembering this particular scene this morning as I thought about the work in front of me in the next two months. Time is going to be shorter than it’s ever been, and the amount that needs to be done in the small hours I’ll have is a little overwhelming to ponder.

A worker-bee by nature, normally having a lot to do is merely par for the course. But this small stretch—and I do realize that two months is not an eternity—is, in fact, going to be really hard.

So I will attempt to take a page from Peter O’Toole as Lawrence, and I will jauntily attempt to not mind it.

We’ll see how I do!