About Cynthia Platt

Hi there! I’m a children’s books writer and editor, which means that books for young people form the dark, hard core around which the molten magma of my existence flows (unlike Earth, though, I lack a hard, exterior crust). I’m the author of Panda-Monium and A Little Bit of Love, both published by Tiger Tales, the upcoming Grow from Amicus Ink, and numerous Curious George books.


Along with my daughter and husband, I live in a little yellow house that looks like something out of a storybook. We’re a stone’s throw to the beach, where I can spend endless hours searching for sea glass.


Other things you should know about me:

I bake. A lot. I have far too many cookbooks and am a little too apt to scribble in them and change recipes to suit my purposes.

My dream is to someday travel to Antarctica and walk in the footsteps of Shackleton and Scott and Amundsen (though not in a horrifically tragic way).

From August to May, I spend weekend mornings watching British Premiere League games. Insult Liverpool at your own peril.

While I like the idea of gardening, I’m actually not much good at the task itsel

Though I desperately wish I could paint and draw better, my skills in those pursuits are about on the level of a not-very-accomplished Victorian lady.

Geekgirl, fangirl…whatever you want to call me: I love all things Star Wars.