Nonfiction Picture Books at The Crooked Little Cottage

Christopher Denise
Christopher Denise’s gorgeous portrait of Mr. Pig and his Crooked Little Cottage.

Do you have a burning desire to know what my favorite picture was a kid? Alternatively, would you to hear a nonfiction editor’s picks for favorite contemporary nonfiction picture books? Well, Mr. Pig (and one of his cohorts, Jamie Michalak) over at The Crooked Little Cottage is featuring all of the above in a feature called Loved to Pieces today. Check it out—and then do yourself a giant favor and stick around to enjoy all fun this blog (and Mr. Pig) have to offer!

Writen by Cynthia

2 thoughts on “Nonfiction Picture Books at The Crooked Little Cottage

  1. Jumped over from the Little Crooked Cottage to cheer “Hurrah!” for your choice of The Country Bunny! Such a wonderful book. I felt very fortunate that my young daughter was an avid book lover and entranced by the slightly longer text and old-fashioned illustrations.

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