In Which I Channel Björk

It’s probably become clear by now that music plays a fairly large role in my life. I’ll listen to almost anything, and take a lot of enjoyment—sometimes even inspiration—from doing so.

Lately my writing life—and who are we kidding? my life in general—has felt an awful lot like this Björk song. I have my quiet lulls, but they don’t last long. Then a burst of energy takes over and I feel like I’m soaring.

There are worse ways to be.

Part of why I love this song is the juxtaposition of the quiet and the burst. Part of it is the video, which is pure joy. The dancing in the tire store! The jaunty mailbox! The Singing in the Rain homage!

Learning to embrace both the exuberant highs and quieter lulls (not lows, just lulls) isn’t always easy for someone like me, who tends to be on “go” most of the times. But the lulls have their beauties.

And give you some time to rev up to do flips in the street again.

For now, I’m just enjoying the ride!


Writen by Cynthia

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