Giant Colin Firth Haunts My Dreams (Not in a Good Way)

London's Hyde Park

Now don’t get me wrong: I love Colin Firth as much as the next lady (perhaps even more). And his performance as Mr. Darcy in the BBC’s Pride and Prejudice has made all other Mr. Darcys pale in comparison. But this statue is just…well…frightening.

It just sort of smacks of Godzilla, or similar monsters, rising up somehow in Hyde Park to swallow London whole. A regular-sized Colin Firth is delightful. A twelve-foot-tall Colin Firth is something only the swans in the lake could love (and according to The Guardian, the local swans are quite fond of it). And it’s apparently going to tour around England, so it can swallow up other whole towns and villages on its way.


On top of its monstrous appearance, you’ll forgive me if I get all Jane Austen on you for a moment: this moment isn’t even in the book. It’s a creation of the movie. And, honestly, it’s not one of my favorite creations of the movie. Who would choose the Mr. Darcy wet tee-shirt contest over him gazing at Elizabeth with intense love in his eyes at Pemberley? Or them dancing together for the first time?

All I’m saying is, badly done, folks. Badly done indeed. (And special Jane Austen points to anyone who recognizes the reference in that last line.)

Writen by Cynthia

6 thoughts on “Giant Colin Firth Haunts My Dreams (Not in a Good Way)

  1. Well done. Very well done indeed. I do not agree with the swans! I must agree with you on this statue.

    Oh – and of course, it is “Emma”!

  2. I’m going to slightly disagree with you on a point: I’m ok that it’s not from the book. And here’s why: the reason for this monstrosity is to promote a new UKTV channel, Drama. They are therefore not promoting the book itself, but rather the television adaptation of it. For this purpose, I can understand why they chose a moment not in the book: they’re celebrating adaptations and moments brought to life by television film. Add to that that the Britons voted that as their most memorable TV moment, and I think it makes sense.
    Don’t get me wrong: it’s awful, and I think Colin and Jane both must be less than thrilled with it. Mr. Knightly and I will be over here, giggling in the corner.

    1. I still think it’s a bad moment from the movie–one that never appealed to me at all, Ms. Courtney. And I can’t even imagine being Colin Firth right now. I think I’d avoid Hyde Park at all costs!

      1. It does make one weep for the poor Brits and the state of their television if this is what they voted as their most memorable moment, right? Not one of my favorites either.

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